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Dear Eichi-san and Saito-san!
I have very interesting news. It looks like our Sakhalin kayaking club may be able to get permission from Russian Government to go from Sakhalin to Hokkaido in kayaks this summer.
However, we need some cooperation from Japanese side and would like to make it a ‘joint’ Russian-Japanese project. I know you are very busy this year, but I still would like to invite you in doing this with us this year. Or may be you know some other expedition kayakers in Japan that would be interested in crossing from Sakhalin to Hokkaido with us?
We all need to meet in Sakhalin, transfer to Kriljon cape and then wait for the weather to give us a window for a 12-14 hour passage to Soya cape. We think that we need about 1 week of time between August 1-20 to execute this project.
There is a direct flight from Tokyo and from Hakkodate to Sakhalin. I believe (but need to check) there is also ferry from Wakkanai to Sakhalin this year as well (we think we’ll take it back when we return) so there are plenty of ways to get to Sakhalin.
If there is interest from Japanese side, we are happy to go ahead and start working with Russian / Sakhalin Government to organize.
Please let me know what you think.
No matter what, we would like to see you join us in Sakhalin on a trip to Mamiya Kaikyo (Nevelskoy Straits) in summer 2017.



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